Risk and Regulation Advisory Council

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A practical guide to public risk communication: the five essentials of good practice. (PDF) (link opens in a new window)

Short, practical guide to help Government get its public risk messages across effectively. Includes a list of key activities that will help decision makers and civil servants to adapt their standard processes to achieve effective risk communication. Relates to the report on Response with responsibility (URN 09/948). Also complements the Worrier's guide to risk (09/991) to promote a more informed dialogue between Government and the public.

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09/94920-05-2009 A4
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The media and public risk. (PDF) (link opens in a new window)

Report examining the role of the media in public risk, focussing on the news media. One of a series of academic research papers commissioned by the Department to support the work of the Risk & Regulation Advisory Council (URN 09/1413 to 09/1426).

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09/142128-10-2009 A4
31 Pages